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PMA: Apollo by KuranoCat PMA: Apollo by KuranoCat
For :iconpokemon-amie:!! this group is so cute ohmygosh i hope i can get in ;v;

General Info


Pokemon: Pangoro

Birthday: May 7

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ability: Scrappy

Faction: None

Pokemon Stats

Moves: Hammer Arm, Circle Throw, Taunt, Low Sweep

Battle Stats:
Attack: Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! 
 Defense: Star! Star! Star! Star! No Star 
 Sp.Atk: Half Star No Star No Star No Star No Star 
 Sp.Def: Star! Star! No Star No Star No Star 
 Speed: Star! Star! Star! No Star No Star 

Pokehuman Stats

Occupation: A martial arts sensei at a dojo located along the cliffs of Cyllage City.

Town of Residence: Currently living in Cyllage City. He was given a home in the dojo by the original owner.

    Apollo is a tall, dark-skinned, man standing at about 6’4 and weighing at about 240 pounds. His rather bulky, muscular body shows evidence of his daily hard work and training. His hair is a very light blonde hue and is brushed back away from his face. He also sports scruffy facial hair and thick eyebrows but his body is rather clean. Dark markings are visible under his eyes; they are not from lack of sleep but it rather comes from his Pangoro spots. It is extremely rare to ever see him without a leaf stem in his mouth. He states that the leaf apparently helps him concentrate, relax, and at times will help him in combat.



Fearless | Diligent | Over-commited | Aggressive | Respectful | Unaffectionate

Apollo has many qualities in him that are expected of a martial artist. He is fearless and willing to take on any challenger; confident that his skills will win him the upper hand but never cocky. He is dilligent and over-commited to his work as he spends everyday strengthening himself or teaching others. He absolutely does not tolerate laziness and believes every being must be active and alert. He at times, fails to realize that others are not as over-commited as him. He can come down as harsh and aggressive when it comes to training his students in combat or when he is engaged in battle but is very well-mannered and respectful. Especially when speaking to elders, women, or those who have defeated him in a battle. Apollo may also come off cold and will not show much affection towards others but never in the means of being rude. He simply isn't the type to get too close with people.

     Born in the forests of Kalos on Route 5, Apollo was raised by his Pangoro mother for the most of his childhood life. He grew up very distant from his father. His mother drove him away as she disliked his rough, dangerous lifestyle and found it unsafe and a bad influence to her cub.

    Under his mother's care, Apollo was taught to love and be considerate and started his life as a sweet, gentle Pancham. In spite of this, he was never taught well enough on how to fight and defend himself against other Pokemon. His mother believed that violence can always be avoided and that she would protect her child rather than have him ruthlessly fight back just as his father would.

    One fateful day, Apollo's mother had fallen ill after being subjected to poison powder while she was trying to protect her cub from a wild Vileplume. The Pancham had decided to take a short trip to a nearby river to collect herbs and berries for his mother. However, upon reaching the river, he had found himself come face-to-face with an angry Gyarados who began destroying the forest in it's rage. Apollo hurriedly ran back to his mother to warn her about the danger so that they would quickly escape while they had the time. However, his mother was far too weak to move. She told him to run while he still could and to find his father before falling over and slowly become consumed in the destruction of the forest.

    Apollo left his childhood home without turning back. He made his way to his father's home on Route 10 and explained to him what had happened. The cub was extremely saddened at how weak he was and how his mother had to constantly defend him which eventually lead to her death.Coming to his father, Apollo hoped that he would teach him how to fight and defend himself. His father was rather disgusted at first seeing how weak his son had become under the care of his ex-mate, but at this rate he knew his son could not evolve if he were not trained properly. Apollo was then taken in under his father's wing and went through years of harsh training which helped shape him from the weak, frail Pancham to a stern, fearless Pangoro.
    Apollo had become a rather strong fighter over the years. However, the Gyarados rampage from when he was younger still lurked in his mind. Seeing as how useless and weak he once was, he made it imperative that younger Pokemon knew how to fight and defend themselves in battle. Thus, he began teaching wild Pokemon in his home new skills in combat. However, being a teacher in the wilderness is not exactly best place to hold your training sessions as trainers and other dangerous Pokemon roam the place.

    Soon, word of the Dittech had gone around. Apollo considered the idea to be a good way to training his students. He knew of an old dojo in Cyllage City and heard the stubborn owner had been looking for a new sensei to take over while he could take a break and leave on vacations. Purchasing one Dittech, Apollo became human and acquired the job instantly. He was given a place to stay at the dojo while he worked there as well. Apollo currently stands the newest sensei and helps trains humans and pokemon alike.


Basil: A fellow pokehuman he met during his travels to Lumiose City. Apollo believes he's a good man with strengths as a human and Pokemon.

Chiso: A fortune teller whose tent had caught Apollo's eye and lead him into getting his fortune foretold by the woman. Something is oddly familiar about her.

Poe: A Banette Apollo helped defend from a raging Bouffalant in the forest. The ghost was pretty weak in his defenses, Apollo would need to help fix that.

Michelle: A boxer who had come to the dojo to learn some martial arts. Apollo suspects the  woman to be another Pokemon with a Dittech.


Apollo is very often seen shirtless while he's training or just spending time around the dojo. He finds clothing to be a bit uncomfortable to wear, especially shirts. Nonetheless, he has respect for the public and will wear something on top when going out. ( But when getting ready for a fight he'll strip off in an instant. )

 - Without the stem in his mouth, he tends to feel a little off and unbalanced. He keeps Astagalus plants around the dojo so he won't run out.

 - He may act as the fearless, fighting machine but he can be afraid of a few things. He dislikes large, dragon-like-pokemon that are similar to Gyarados. Though, he would definitely fight one, he is very afraid of losing to them and ending up like his mother. Second, being poison. He becomes very paranoid when he or anyone becomes sick. Constantly warning them of poison powder and reminding others to keep medicine or antidotes at hand.

 - Apollo isn't exactly the best at handling technology and has trouble understanding the modern ways of people. Still, he is very willing to learn.

 - Something he truly enjoys upon becoming a human is instant green tea. He drinks it whenever he takes a break from his training. Gifting him with a box will earn you his upmost gratitude and respect.

User Info

Time Zone: UTC/GMC-5
Chat Availability: I'm available to chat on skype on the weekends! I'm usually active during the evening. Though if we're rping through notes I can find the time throughout the week to reply.
Role-Play Mediums:
 - dA Notes
 - Skype
 - Google Docs ( I've only rped here a couple times, bear with me heheh  )

Role-Play Example:
    " That'll be enough for today. Go home and rest up...You all did well." Apollo spoke in his stern, low voice to the breathless and tired room of Pokemon. They bowed to their sensei in thanks before leaving the dojo floor and out the door to their homes and awaiting trainers. The room grew silent as Apollo can only hear the peaceful sound of his breaths and the sound of a Kricktot's chirping in the night.

    Nodding once, he took his towel and wiped the back of his neck of sweat before walking towards the door in the back of the dojo. Apollo opened it and sighed feeling the cool, relaxing atmosphere of his room. He was finally left alone in solitude in the comfort of his home. He took the towel that draped over his shoulders and rubbed his forehead. " I could use a bath... " He muttered to himself, wiping his face with the towel and putting it over his shoulders again. His eyes glanced out the window which presented a rather pleasant view of Cyllage City below the cliffs. The lights from the lively yet small city below were fascinating to Apollo. The building lights glew under the dark sky and shimmered against the ocean water; the illumination entrancing him to stare at the view for some time. "Perhaps I should take a trip and visit the cities for once... I've never taken much time to see more of the human world since I recieved this pokehuman gadget.." He thought.

    Apollo gazed at the city for a few moments before his tense muscles began to strain against him. He grunted from the feeling, " Well.. That must wait for another day. Time for a hot bath." He muttered and headed for the bathroom.
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